What People Say

A few Testimonials from some of the Best People in their Field

“I’ve known Carole in a professional capacity as a PR executive for approximately 5 years.
During this time I have been incredibly impressed by her professionalism in dealing with Clients of many levels,
– the commitment and passion she shows in shaping, honing and delivering information is second to none.
Carole is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and utterly dedicated.
An exceptional level of service and advice tailor-made to suit your needs –
you could not be in safer hands than 
Radiance Communications.”

Cara Sheppard  –  Senior Manager of Post Production Operations (Entertainment & Creative) at Sky


“Carole Cox is one of the hardest working, most dedicated ​PRs I have met.
She always delivers way beyond client expectations and yet is never satisfied
– the mark of a true professional.”

Roger Thornton  –  Publicity Director


“RadianceC is the perfect PR partner.
Their knowledge of the market, broad experience and dedication always brings very valuable feedback and results.”

Miguel Angel Doncel  –  CEO & Founder of SGO, software developer of the Mistika Post Production System

(Mistika is used by many of the broadcast and film industry’s talented artists and adopted by companies such as
Bad Robot Productions, Hocus Focus Norway, Legend3D 
on high-profile projects such as
“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”, 
“Star Trek: Into Darkness”, “The Walk” and many others)



“I have known Carole Cox for quite a long time – in fact, I’m pretty sure that in all my years editing The IBC Daily,

Carole’s was the only ‘Wedding Notice’ story we ever ran in the paper!
Carole is courteous, loyal, diligent and hard-working,
and I’m sure would be a great asset to any company’s PR armoury.”

Fergal Ringrose  –  Executive Editor, Sports Video Group Europe
(former Editorial Director, The IBC Daily and TVB Europe publications)


“Radiance Communications has been a very valuable PR partner for us;
Carole collaborated on the IBC Innovation Awards with “Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough”
and continues to offer fantastic support.”

Simon Craddock  –  CEO of ONSIGHT


“My experience of Carole is that of a considerate, loyal, reliable, friendly and genuine person
who is passionate about what she does and takes her work seriously,
always respectfully putting
the interests of her clients first, even before her own.
I believe she cares deeply about everything she puts her mind to and is an asset to any company.”

Lisa Bond  –  Senior Marketing Director